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200 E. Michigan Ave.
Galesburg, MI 49053


Fire Ordinances

Charleston Township permits open burning in certain, specific circumstances. The township urges all residents to use extreme care and caution when utilizing open burning. Burning regulations are covered within the Township’s Fire and Safety Code Ordinance (#74).

The City of Galesburg’s Fire Prevention and Protection Ordinance.

Fire Chief Roomsburg issues burning permits. You can reach him at (269)720-2118.

Meeting Dates

Galesburg-Charleston Joint Fire Board Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7:00PM, at the Fire Department.

January 19, 7pm

February 16, 7pm

March 16, 7pm

April 20, 7pm

May 18, 7pm

June 15, 7pm

July 20, 7pm

August 17, 7pm

September 21, 7pm

October 19, 7pm

November 16, 7pm

December 21, 7pm


January 18, 7pm

February 15, 7pm

March 15, 7pm

April 19, 7pm

May 17, 7pm

June 21, 7pm

July 19, 7pm

August 16, 7pm

September 20, 7pm

October 18, 7pm

November 15, 7pm

December 20, 7pm

The Galesburg-Charleston Fire Department exists to preserve life and property, promote public safety and foster economic growth through leadership, management and actions, as an all risk life safety response provider. Simply put, the Galesburg-Charleston Fire Department will be there wherever the need, whatever the need to offer assistance with the highest level of professionalism, integrity and courtesy.
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